Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


AB Psychology is a four-year course designed to meet the rising needs of the country’s educational institutions.

Its curriculum includes basic education subjects, major field specialization, and a one year practicum on work-related activities.

It is the latest addition to Lorma Colleges roster of courses, and accredited by ACSC-AAI at Level II -Resurvey.


Major in:

  • Family Counseling
  • Clinical Counseling
  • Human Resource Development
  • Parenting and Child Rearing




  • To promote a more extensive curriculum for Social Sciences in the Tertiary level.
  • To provide opportunities for schools and work-related career.
  • To introduce to students the basic principles and concepts of psychology.
  • To assist students in their personal adjustments.
  • To prepare students in the educational, medical, and governmental field.
  • To train students in their professional growth (further studies).



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The College of Arts and Sciences offers general Education subjects and fields of specialization in Psychology, Family Counseling, Clinical Counseling, Human Resource Development, Parenting and Child Rearing.


We envision the College of Arts and Sciences as a center of scientific and technological research acting as a catalyst in producing quality graduates equipped with Christian values, knowledge and abilities utilizing a curriculum relevant to their field of specialization.


To provide an educational training using technology that would cater to the needs of the students recognizing individual differences, cultural backgrounds, values, practices and beliefs that would make them productive and successful in all undertakings as to become essential in the society where they belong.


  • To provide for a general education that will assist each individual in the peculiar ecology of his own society. In order for an Individual to attain his potentials as a human being and group participation which is the basic foundation of his development making him a productive and versatile.
  • To attain the nation’s manpower in the middle level skills required for national development.
  • To develop the professions that will provide leadership for the nation in the advancement of knowledge and for improving the quality of human life.
  • To respond effectively to the changing needs and conditions of the nation through a system of educational planning and evaluation.
  • To make the individual to be conscious of the Almighty God and His Power and Authority over the lives and affairs of men and nations.


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CAS Student Activities

CONQUER THE WORLD ~ Arts and Sciences

CAS students make it a point that their presence in the college leaves a mark of legacy in the various extracurricular activities that they are involved with.

Various institutional tie ups with the department has brought opportunities for the liberal arts, psychology and basic education students at the fore of their course specialization.

In their senior years, Psychology students have up close and personal interaction and observation with mentally challenged clients as well as a year long integration with Human Resource Development institutions in the Province.

BSE juniors also have the task of fulfilling the model teacher role for elementary and special education students in various private and public institutions.

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