We envision Lorma Colleges, College of Nursing to be the Center of Development for Excellence in Nursing Education in Region I and on of the top performing schools nationwide.


Concomitant with Nursing Education n the Philippines, Lorma College of Nursing is committed to:

1.     Provide quality education that will harness the maximum potentials of the learner.

2.     Develop a person who is caring, responsible, nationalistic, creative, critical thinking generalist who, upon completion of the Program, beginning professional competences.

3.     Develop a person who assumes responsibilities for personal and professional growth.

4.     Inculcate ethico-legal, moral and spiritual values.

5.     Develop a graduate who is responsible to national needs and aware of global concerns.


Consistent with the philosophy of higher education and committed to quality education, the College of Nursing endeavors to produce a professional nurse who is responsible, nationalistic, creative and critical thinking generalist imbued with the er knowledge, skills and attitude in communication, research and leadership.


In carrying out its mission, Lorma College shall pursue the following goals: quality and excellence; relevance and responsiveness; access and equity; and efficiency and effectiveness.

1.     Provide for a general and specialized education programs that shall assist each individual to develop his skill positive traits/values relevant to regional and national development

2.     Train and expose the students to varied and meaningful experiences within the campus and in the community through the outreach and practicum programs.

3.     Encourage scientific campus and community studies or researches that contribute in the advancement of knowledge and in the delivery of better socio-economic services.

4.     Upgrade the quality of teachers and students/pupils as the center of responsibility, accountability through proper hiring, relevant trainings, admission and selective admission policies.

5.     Promote a strong linkage and collaboration between and among school and academic community in the pursuit of quality education at all levels.

6.     Intensify an effective promotional campaign program using all media outlets and personal communications.

7.  Provide modern physical facilities, laboratories, equipment and updated library references materials and textbooks.

8.   Statement and Purposes and Objectives of the Department.



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The Department of Nursing, is an integral part of LORMA Colleges. As such, it interacts with the mission statement of the College in the provision of undergraduate and graduate programs in nursing that achieve the highest standards of liberal arts education.

The nursing faculty believes that professional nursing is a practice discipline with a unique body of knowledge derived from the humanities, the physical, biological, psychological, and social sciences, and from nursing science.

The goal of professional nursing is the provision of rational and humanistic healthcare in a technologically complex society which assists individuals, families, and groups to achieve, recover, or maintain optimal levels of wellness within institutional and community settings.

Central to professional nursing is the nursing process, based on the scientific method of assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. As part of the interdisciplinary health care team, the nurse collaborates and coordinates with members of other health disciplines in the implementation of health care and acts as a change agent, advocate and educator for the individual, family, and community to promote wellness.

The role of research in stimulating the acquisition of new nursing knowledge and in shaping health policy for a diverse and multicultural society, is an integral part of professional nursing.

The Department of Nursing, is an integral part of LORMA Colleges. As such, it interacts with the mission statement of the College in the provision of undergraduate and graduate programs in nursing that achieve the highest standards of liberal arts education.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Competency-based – the principle which qualifies students will be the performance of desired behaviors when given the opportunities to practice such behaviors.

Community-centered – throughout the 4-year program, teaching-learning principles revolve around the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and rehabilitation of clients which is primarily focused in the community, where community is a client.

The development of the BSN Curriculum is affected by many factors such as:

1. Availability of health

2. Health problems

3. Local, political, social & economic circumstances

4. Legislation affecting practice and professional standards

Considering the above factors, professional competencies are identified which serve as the basis of the desired competencies of students duly defined in specific performance terms. These competencies are strong foundation with pre-requisite knowledge, skills and attitude in the performance of such behaviors.




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