LC Movie theater to showcase HD films, wide LED screens

If you’re a TV buff and a huge movie afficionado, you certainly would want to view your movies in an ultra cool modern facility. That privilege will soon be exclusively available to all Lormanians this July 2011 through the newly constructed Lorma Colleges-PLDT Broadband Movie Theater.

This latest campus feature puts the college another notch higher in integrating technology and learning in a visually stimulating kind of way.

Co branded by Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications by way of its fast internet connection services, the Lorma-PLDT Movie Theater is in fact an extension of the college’s vast library resources which allow the students to watch high definition video tutorials, documentaries and films related to their specific courses.

One of the key people who initiated this media projec, Dean of Science and Technology Institute Mr. Hercy Cepriaso commends this feature as a useful means to engage the students in the learning process. He adds that “All these are made available from the school’s video subscriptions in Lorma’s US based content learning resources.”

The movie theater which will be located at the 2nd floor of the Library Building beside the Internet Room (former Technical Server room) will have a wide LED screen format (53”) and a high definition multimedia projector capable of video streaming in higher quality resolution from a range of 360p to 1080p. It will host a seating capacity of a maximum of 40 students and guests.

PLDT’s high speed dedicated internet connection specifically for the cinema is allotted at 3.5 mbps which can have a similar powerful throughput like that of one internet cafe. Several multimedia devices will also be utilized to handle a wide array of video codec support making the theater the most ideal location to watch and share HD videos with dolby surround sound system.

The initiatives for the campus cinema project was spearheaded by Marketing and IT Services Director Mr. Rufino Macagba III with the concerted efforts of Science and Technology Institute Dean Mr. Hercy Cepriaso as well as people from the I.T. Services department.


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Lorma is 1st and only International School in Ilocandia

“We believe that every new generation should be better than the one before it.”

– Lorma I.S.

Lorma International School will open classes this coming August with the pioneer group of grade 1 pupils for school year 2011-2012. With the timely shift of curriculum via the K+12 program of the Department of Education, Lorma spearheads the establishment of the International School curriculum to address the demand of a more comprehensive 21st century education.

The Lorma I.S. which is under the many academic programs of Lorma Colleges, conveys a very enthusiastic approach to providing education to students which is at par with the standards of our international counterparts in Asia and the Western countries.

The first graders will expect an up to date interaction with specialized subject teachers who will integrate Information and Technology in the Science, Math, English and the Humanities. An advanced training prerogative will include an extensive curriculum rangingn from Lego Education, Microsoft IT Academy, EBSCO Research Tools, Discovery Education and Edu 2.0 Online Learning. I-pad tablets are essential tools which will assist instruction of the I.S. curriculum.

Students will also be taught foreign lanuage electives – Chinese, French and Korean – in the school’s advanced speech laboratory. Lorma I.S. shall also provide individualized classroom instruction with a maximum of 15 students per class. A teaching methodology combining learning approaches of Singapore and America, students of Lorma I.S. will be uniquely equipped with the intelligence, the competence and the skills to take on the challenges of the real world.

The graders will have hands on learning instructions, a multi-media library and actual tour explorations as well as an introduction to the appreciation of music and arts. An airconditioned and a highly secure CCTV classroom is structured for the students to stimulate learning and generate brilliant minds at work. Sports and recreational facilities are also available for the kids’ extra curricular endeavors.

Reservations for the Grade 1 class of Lorma International School are accepted. For inquiries call 720-0345.

Download below the exclusive features of the only International School in the Ilocos Region.



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Unlimited calls in PH, USA offered in Lorma

Keeping up with the monthly cost of landline and mobile fees become too burdensome for many subscribers.  However, Lorma Colleges continues to find means to settle drawbacks in a nonconventional, cost effective and innovative manner.

The school employed the use of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to provide unlimited calls to all landline and mobile phones in the Philippines and in USA. The system uses analog audio signals and transforms them into digital data which can be transmitted over the internet. Because of Lorma’s fast internet service and the advantages of the US content access, VOIP (or Vonage as aptly termed) allows placing of unlimited phone calls by way of the internet connection using your standard landline phone with a VOIP adaptor.

This is a more practical approach to just normally paying for landline and cellphone charges which can become a bit stressful with the accummulating numbers piling high. The economics of the Vonage service will save the school of a minimum of P500,000 per year in all long distance and US landline and cellphone calls.

Lorma College’s telephone system is now configured to the VOIP/ Vonage system and thus allows students, faculty employees and personnel to contact all telephone providers (land line or mobile phones) in the Philippines free of charge. Calls directed to USA are set only to landline connections.

To avail of this new service, approach James Andaya or Chris Robles of SysAd Office at the 3/f Computer Building.


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