CHEERS conducts annual disaster preparedness seminar

SEPTEMBER 13, 2012–National Service Training Program students took part on this year’s Global Disaster Preparedness Program Seminar with the objective to prepare participants to respond during calamities.

The Commission on Higher Education, in partnership with Community Health Education Emergency Rescue Services (CHEERS) decided to work in partnership in strengthening information dissemination about disaster preparedness to students across the Philippines.

The discussion was led by Von Ryan Rodrigo and Ryan Wilson Abedela, both registered nurses and trained rescuers.

Participants were given an overview about the destructive effects of nature, a recap of the typhoons that had left a number of Filipinos homeless with a considerable rise in death rates (Ondoy, Sendong and Ramil), and brief education on basic life support and preparedness.

Credit to Lorma Highlights

The lecturers encouraged the use of Go Bag, a survival kit that contains flashlight, whistle, radio, emergency medicines, food, clothes and other life-saving materials and equipment. The use of Automated External Defibrillator or AED was also emphasized. This device can check the heart’s rhythm and send electric shock in victims having sudden “cardiac arrests.”

Meanwhile, alternative materials were also discussed, which includes the use of sanitary napkins as alternatives for gauzes. This is because of their absorbent quality and handy size. Lectures on first aid were also conducted.

“Active interaction with the students is actually not enough if they will not undergo proper and thorough training. Kumbaga, patikim lang ito sa mga gagawin sa GDPP,” says Abedela.

“Ang mga estudyante ang susunod na mga lider. Kayo ang susunod sa amin,” adds Rodrigo.

CHEERS is the only agency accredited by CHED to conduct such trainings and reach out to students from various provinces and municipalities.

by Angel Estacio, BSN 2016

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2012–Lorma Colleges Science and Technology Institute (LCSTI) has changed name into Lorma Colleges Skill Development Institute (LCSDI).

The change was implemented because the old name causes confusion due to its similarity to another school. In addition, both schools offer the same courses.

The approval of the top management about changing LCSTI to LCSDI is currently on the process and there has no definite date yet on when it will be official. According to Mr. Catalino B. Abellera, LCSDI assistant Dean, the use of the new name of their department has been approved by Dean Hercules Cepriaso. Nonetheless, the new name will be introduced to the students so that even before the top management will approve the request, the students will already get accustomed to it.

The department also plans about offering more courses, like arts and electronics to further increase their population. This will also give a unique identity to the department in order to avoid getting mistaken for other schools.

A new logo will also be created to represent the newly named department. A contest to create the new logo for the department will be conducted during the LCSDI week.

“I think mas maganda yun. It is better na mapalitan para di kami ma-associate sa other schools,” said Asst. Dean Abellera.


by Nyzy Cabreros, BSA 2016

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US chef shares cooking tips, recipes to HRM students

September 13, 2012Veteran Chef Loida Glee Lorenzana Harrington demonstrated how to cook her mouthwatering entrée of chicken, olives, tomatoes and mushrooms in front of the thirty-seven  junior Hotel and Restaurant Management students at the school kitchen laboratory.

The “Chicken Cacciatore” is a gourmet dish bursting with flavor and aroma. In addition, Chef Loida also taught the students how to prepare an egg salad as a side dish and banana flambé as dessert.

During her cooking demonstrations, the veteran chef emphasized that students do not need expensive ingredients in order to serve great dishes. She cited few cheap alternatives that can be used, such as the use of the native Basi (fermented sugar cane) instead of red wine.

In between the demonstrations, the students were given the chance to ask questions and tips that can help propel their future careers.

“They were very good and enthusiastic, even though they were shy. It is awesome to see that they simply wanted to learn, that is why I liked them so much,” remarks Chef Loida.

The chef was amused with the young managers and described them to have the “potential in the food service and in the culinary arts”. She emphasized however that they should learn, read and train more.

“The cooking lessons are very valuable to me. Dagdag experience siya sa amin tapos na-enhance siyempre yung skills ko sa cooking,” claims Aihie Ordoña.

“I will still be here in 2 weeks so I expect them to improved more. I toured the facilities and it is so awesome that they have these in the Philippines. They are very accommodating,” adds Chef Loida.

The second part of her cooking demonstration will be held on September 19 where the students will be presented with more recipes for making pastries and additional cooking techniques.

by Freddie Nebrija, BSIT 2016

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