Marketing and Information Technology Services

We envision MARKETING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES to be the leading first-class customer oriented service committed in playing a significant role in the continuous creation, renewal.

The primary mission of the MARKETING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES is to provide technology leadership, supervision and support for Lorma Colleges technology infrastructure. Support is provided to the institution’s business operations, human resources operations, instructional programs, research activities, and student records management through systems analysis, program designs, computer operations, networking, and training.

MITS also aims to provide and sustain an environment in which all members of the Lorma community are able to utilize these technologies to their best advantage through continued training, reinforcement, and technical services. As such, the MITS will:

•             Equitably provide the latest technologies to the entire school community in order to facilitate all educational goals and endeavors of the organization.

•             Efficiently and reliably support the multitude of technologies already in place by appropriate staffing, policies, and procedures;

•             Educate all teachers and staff in the productive use of implemented technologies to ensure awareness, application, and skill development in a timely and organized manner.

•             Actively promote the use of technology as a tool to further Lorma Colleges vision of Christian educational excellence.


The Lorma Colleges MITS provides automated computer services for all departments through systems design and programming, word processing, records management and processing functions. It is also responsible in the maintenance of systems security and integrity, plans for network and technology standards, and provides all departments with technical assistance, application design and management as well as their overall data communication infrastructure. In addition, the department is also responsible in providing efficient and strategic marketing and promotion for the institution with the use of these technologies.

In general, the Marketing and Information Technology Services is responsible for the following duties:

•             Provide coordination, oversight and guidance for all Information System functions within the College. To advance the comprehensive use of information and minimize duplication of data.

•             Responsible for the administration and operation of the Colleges Academic Information Management System (AIMS), communications network, computer facilities and associated personal computers and peripherals.

•             Support of the Colleges’ users of information systems with advice, assistance, supervision and training.

•             Maintain a strategic plan to stay abreast of emerging technologies and seize cost effective implementation opportunities that are consistent with the long-range plan of the organization.

Marketing and Creative Services is a partnership between the Marketing Department and the Digital Arts Office. It serves as Lorma’s in-house advertising agency, producing tri-media advertising material, spearheading promotional and image-building activities, and meeting the graphics needs of the company.


WiFi Services- Free wireless internet connection available anywhere inside the Lorma Campus to provide more connectivity to the internet for both Faculty/Staff and Students.

Wi-Fi Spots:

o             GYM

o             Sampaguita Building (all levels)

o             Administration Building (all levels)

o             Parking Area

o             Library Building (all levels)

o             Audio Visual Room

o             Student Center

o             Computer Building (all levels)

o             Quadrangle


The development and maintenance in the Colleges’ core communication infrastructure including the local and wide area network are the main focus in this area. Maintain the file and application servers and network security. Perform asset management, software distribution, and technical support for hardware and software. Also provides design, development, implementation and continued support of specialized applications, data, and databases

The face of training is changing day by day. In order to keep pace with new technology and new ways of doing things, it is necessary to use new ways of learning. Online learning revolves around the principle of web-based delivery. This means that all of the course documentation, practice files, exercises, etc. are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via the Internet. Online education allows a student to learn on own pace, own way, and own time.

Web Application Development has many possibilities for information, communication and interaction. But shaping communication on a web format to meet user needs requires knowledge and skills in combining language, text, graphics, sound, movies and hypertext. The web is an application that can operate on global computer networks. Indeed, in pursuance of Lorma Colleges aspiration to be the leading Information Technology-based institution, it is vital that its operational components has a way that offers its users the ability to create work that has a global reach. Lorma Colleges Web Developers are bound to meet this responsibility, a responsibility to provide a much broader, process-oriented approach in order to articulate the information content hat this institution wished to convey globally.


The Technical Support is responsible for maintaining the hardware and software necessary to ensure that networked data meet the needs of the campus, and to effect repairs on desktop computers. The Technical Support is also responsible for ensuring that the computer laboratories managed by the MITS Department are in good working condition at all times.

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Research and Faculty Development

Lorma Colleges as the hub of research excellence equipped with the capacity to strategically leverage its intellectual assets, knowledge resources and ICT infrastructure to pro-actively respond to the needs of the ever-changing landscape of the institutional, regional, national, and global environments, imbued with the social responsibility of developing and nurturing human and community potentials.

The Research and Development Office acts as the strategic lever of Lorma Colleges in propagating the mindset essential in developing the capacity to sustain the momentum of research production and in nurturing the heartset essential in institutionalizing a research-driven culture in collaborative partnership with the research teams, faculty, staff, and students.

Lorma Colleges  believes in a system of management devolution; sustained delivery of quality research outputs in a given time by improving

governance and management; effective and efficient management of the research processes and resources; the preparation of its students and faculty to be members of a more cohesive world; the generation of knowledge on a more global orientation; and the provision of its academic resources, to the extent feasible, to institutions involved in international activities.

The head master to the college’s conglomeration of researches and academic papers, Dr. Henry Galuba maneuvers the school’s efficiency to achieve a novel output of research enthusiasts and scholars not only in the province but also in the region.


Download below the complete digital version of the College Research Manual in PDF format.


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