The Lorma Colleges Graduate School envisions to form the scholar, researcher and practitioner a well prepared Christian and mature citizen who is responsive to the demands of his specialized training in order to contribute to the progress of his country and his chosen profession.


To provide quality Christian education relevant to the knowledge and skills needed by graduate students particularly in research, leadership and community service.


  1. To prepare individuals for managerial position in Nursing and Information Technology education, administration, business and industry.
  2. To provide high degree of competence in Nursing Administration, Medical Surgical Nursing, Community Health, Psychiatric Nursing and Information Technology.
  3. To foster the attitude of researcher and promote research-oriented endeavours.
  4. To inculcate and sustain the spirit of community service.


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The International School Program

The Lorma Schools has provided relevant and quality education for more than 30 years. From its small Nursing School built in 1970 and growing into a multilevel academic institution offering various courses, the Lorma Schools has tremendously increased and expanded its scholastic reach from primary, secondary and tertiary education.

And with the shift of the didactic demands of education, Lorma Schools has once again instituted the most innovative 21st century learning in the Region. The first ever International School in the whole of Ilocandia is also the first educational system in the region to use international standard 12 year program with relevant inclusion of internationally recognized academic standards.

Lorma International School is the only institution in the region that approaches LEARNING uniquely by combining Singapore’s excellence in Math and Science and America’s high standards in English and the Humanities (Singapore-American Curriculum). The school also caters to students aiming to gain international credentials for continued studies abroad. The School Year Calendar mirrors an international schedule  that starts in August and ends in May.

Download the PDF file for more details on the Lorma International School Program

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