The College of Physical Therapy envisions itself to be a center of excellence providing quality instructions and effective training that will produce dynamic and competent graduates with commitment to God, Country and Fellowmen.


The College of Physical Therapy aims to develop in its graduates the aptitude of learning, the awareness of the need of their services to the Filipino people and the receptiveness to the changing needs of their profession to the country and to the International setting imbued with Christian values.


The college of Physical Therapy adhering to the Lorma Colleges philosophy, Vision and Mission accepts its essential role in enhancing relevant and responsive education in the field of physical therapy believing that this will ensue into a competent and knowledgeable individual imbued with Christian values.


1) To produce graduates with comprehensive knowledge and skills for the care of the individuals with disability or handicap.

2) To develop graduates with caring attitudes and Christian values in affirming their commitment of service to the community and country.

3) To produce graduates who apply their knowledge and skills in the advancement of their profession through research, continuing education and clinical practice.

4) To promote awareness of the community of health care services provided by physical therapist in the promotion of the well being of a physically impaired individual.

5) To produce graduates who would be competent globally.


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We envision LCSTI to provide a complete training of non-degree program under Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and further training and retraining of faculty and staff of Lorma Colleges on New Trends in Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


The Lorma Colleges Science and Technology Institute provide a variety of learning experiences which will enable the students to live, learn and develop as responsible citizen and be an instrument of peace, love, joy and hope wherever they go, whatever they do.



The school offer two (2) year degree programs of varying specialization which are duly registered by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). It also offers a wide range of short-term but intensive workshop courses and advanced application courses designed for busy working adult.

Offering the latest computer hardware and software, modern computer laboratories, a World Wide Web internet connection and unlimited internet access for all students.

Courses are handled by competent instructors and conducted in a well supervised learning environment allowing extensive hands-on training for each student.


1. 95% of the students will be equipped with technical knowledge and skills relative to experiences necessary to work successfully in today’s sophisticated computing environments.

2. 95% of the students will be developed to become well-rounded and responsible Computer and IT Professionals with strong moral values.

3. 95% of the students will be prepared to apply their acquired technical knowledge, skills and experiences in industry, government, business and academic institutions with devotion to duty, for national development.

The teaching learning process is regarded as dynamic entity in which the student is an active participant and the faculty as facilitator. As such, the college aims to instill among its mentors and students that love for learning. The inclination and application of knowledge and the realization of a life-long pursuit as an attitude of individual and desire to be relevant at all times and places.


In-charge of training of the non-degree program under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) such as:

a. Computer Technology with specialization in Programming

b. Computer Technology with specialization in Technician

c. Computer Technology with specialization in Secretarial

d. Biomedical Equipment Technology

e. Short Term EDP Courses

Training and retraining of faculty and staff on new trends in Information and Communications Technology specifically on:

a. Windows Applications

b. Linux Operating System

c. Open Source Application Software

d. Internet Applications


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