CCSE Volleyball Squad survives tough match against CON, 25-17

September 7, 2012–The College of Computer Studies and Engineering (CCSE) squad achieved another milestone as they defended their volleyball title with a 3-1 set score against rival College of Nursing at a jam-packed college gymnasium during the school intramurals.

The reigning champs’ Lhesley Legaspina led his team to victory delivering a winning spike on the fourth set with a 25-17 score.

From the start to its end, both teams made the crowd roar with excitement on their neck-to-neck rallies. After several exchange of dazzling attacks, CCSE dominated the first set of the match with a 25-19 blast.

Being clobbered on the first chapter, CON heated up and bounced back on the second set clinching a 26-24 advantage.

The defending champs regained their composure on the third set and mercilessly routed the opponent at 25-8 set score.

The challenger fought hard to force a set 5 showdown but CCSE rallies subdued their net foe on the fourth cut and claimed the title.

“They have to defend their crown. One of the strategies was we conducted a sports fest in our own department and from that we chose the best players. Teamwork din ang kailangan at walang sisihan sa huli,” says Engr. Bernardo F. Vallo, coach of CCSE.

“The better team won. I have no hard feelings at all. It’s good because everyone is friendly and kind,” says Justin Mendoza of CON.

After kneeling to CCSE on the eliminations, CON ousted the Radiologic Technology department to claim the championship ticket with CCSE waiting on the Finals.

“Maganda yung game. Lahat ng players namin nagcooperate tapos lahat ng sinasabe ko sinusunod naman nila. Mahalaga din yung teamwork at practice namin,” CCSE’s team captain, Joerey Medina added.

 by  Temis Joshua Vargas, BSN 2016 and Kristine Venasquez, BSN 2016

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