Freshies rock first ever Youth JaM

September 6, 2012–“Shout for joy, sing His praises, and lift your voice, unto the Lord!” Songs and dances of worship and praises presented by freshmen students filled the atmosphere of Thursday’s evening.

Youth JaM was celebrated for the first time in Lorma Colleges. “JaM does not however refer to teen parties. Instead, it is Youth: Jesus and Me,” clarified Pastor Brennus Paragas, Lorma chaplain.

Twenty one sections performed on stage, delivering creative skits, musical and numbers. Of these, five groups were recognized for their memorable performances and were given financial incentives.

BS Computer Engineering I – I wowed the house with their singing choral version of the song “At the Cross.” Meanwhile, BS Pharmacy I-1 who delivered an impromptu singing choral and majestic black theater interpretation of the song “Still” impressed the spectators.

BMLS I-1 fascinated the onlookers with their striking choral and dance presentation of the song “One”. RadTech I-1 fascinated the viewers with their marvelous choral version of the song “Who am I?”

A special award for the department that has the most number of students who finished the program was given to the Radiologic I –I department.

The “Miracle” musical play of the BSN I – I touched the hearts of the observers.

“Naiyak talaga ako sa play ng BSN I – I, medyo nakakarelate din kasi ako na kahit na napakabigat ng mga problema ko, I still believe na may reason at plano si God kaya niya binigay ang mga pagsubok na to sakin,” says Oreus Cruz of BS Pharma I – I.

Though the program ended late, a considerable number of students still stayed and finished it.

The first ever Youth JaM was organized by the United Christian Church.


by Jasmin Princess Estonilo, BSP 2016


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