In carrying out its mission, Lorma Colleges shall pursue the following goals:

Quality and Excellence; Relevance and Responsiveness; Access and Equity; and Efficiency and Effectiveness.


  1. Provide for general and specialized educational programs that shall assist each individual to develop his skills and positive traits/values relevant to regional and national development.
  2. Train and expose the students to varied and meaningful experiences within the campus and in the community through the outreach and practicum programs.
  3. Encourage scientific campus and community studies and researches that contribute in the advancement of knowledge and in the delivery of better socioeconomic services.
  4. Upgrade the quality of teachers and students/pupils as the center of responsibility, accountability through proper hiring, relevant trainings, admission and selective admission policies.
  5. Promote a strong linkage and collaboration between and among schools and academic communities in the pursuit of quality education at all levels.
  6. Intensify an effective promotional campaign program using all media outlets and personal communications.
  7. Provide modern physical facilities, laboratories, equipment and updated library reference materials and textbooks.

Core Values

Lorma believes and adheres with the following core values:

Christian Leadership

Academic/Work Excellence

Teamwork/ Solidarity and Unity

Social Concern (employees and others)


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