The Vision and Mission


A progressive, well developed upland community in the hands of the people.


The Integrated Outreach Community Program is committed to provide actual service for the benefit of the poor people in the community thus facilitating a more dynamic learning and linkage of the school and community.


The LORMA COLLEGES Integrated Outreach Community Program hopes to attain the following objectives by the end of five years:

1. To promote a nationalistic education vis a vis Christian values and social realities;

2. To support the realization of the LORMA COLLEGES Mission statement through the integration of the outreach activities the curricular and co- curricular activities of the school;

3. To promote a Christian atmosphere where all Lonnanians including administralors, teachers, personnel and students treat each other in a spirit of brotherhood;

4. To witness the Christian active concerns through exposure to the realities of life of the poor, depressed and less privileged as part of the learning process;

5. To develop skills for the identification of priority areas and effective implementation of the integrated outreach community activities;

6. To promote active solidarity with the poor through relevant outreach activities;

7. To develop prospective student leaders for the Integrated Community Outreach Program;

8. To enrich the students with life and reality thematic through actual involvement in the targeted communities which can serve as context to situate, understand and connect the theories, fundamentals and knowledge taught to them;

9. To provide opportunities for actual involvement in the community development programs and activities that will help the people attain their fullest potentials as self reliant individuals and community;


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