Lorma Colleges Integrated Outreach Community Program


The LORMA COLLEGES’ Mission is to provide quality and Christian education relevant to current and future needs, to develop the total person and to reach all students locally and internationally through the use of modern technology.

In the light of this Mission Statement an Integrated Community Outreach Program becomes an integral component of its educational system and formation process.

LORMA COLLEGES finds it imperative that it’s educational processes give attention to the development of awareness and consciousness of needs/ problems that characterize our society and people.

This academic community that dedicates itself in active solidarity with the poor can only give meaning to a truly nationalistic, contextualized and liberating Christian education.

The Integrated Outreach Community Program then becomes a necessary instrument for the linkage of school and community, of the theories and facts, of the classroom and social reality.

This facilitates a more dynamic learning and translates potentials for community building into actual service for the benefit of the poor, depressed and less privileged among our people.


1. Philosophy and Objectives- A greater understanding and articulation of the colleges’ philosophy of life and education.

2.  Scholarship-   The   program   offers   scholarship   in   LORMA  COLLEGES and TESDA to the poor but interested and deserving students from the adopted Barangays to an average of 10 students.

3. A student population of 3036 and 220 teaching and non- teaching force posses tremendous potentials and competencies for the implementation of a dynamic Integrated Outreach Program.

4. The College community has displayed active concern for others thru the implementation of outreach activities since 1983 in different municipalities/ barangays in La Union and in Ilocos Sur.

It has also participated mission drives for used clothes, books, rice for the needy. Medical services such as medical- dental consultation,   laboratory test, physical therapy and health education are also provided.

Skills development on the use of computers is provided to students who don’t have access to modern technology.

5. There has been a growing awareness that a well- planned outreach program should be educative, people oriented, and socially-oriented.

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