Lorma Highlights – Student Publication


The slogan of Lorma Highlights shall be “Balanced, Aware, Free”.

It shall signify the publication’s commitment to be balanced in presenting its stories, to be impartial in all issues except in the interest of the students, who are its publishers. It shall be vigilant and aware of all the issues relevant to the students and shall strive to advocate social consciousness among the students and promote the interest of the Filipino people.

It shall endeavor to struggle for press freedom and the student’s right to know and shall not let any force deter its pledge to inform the students of issues affecting their interest.


LH is a student institution that publishes periodicals and other printed materials funded, managed and read by the students. LH shall optionally publish at least five issues with the option of supplements, a special magazine issue called Medium and a literary folio called Sulat Kamay annually.


The Editorial Board shall administer and set the criteria for the selection of new staff writers, visual artists, photojournalists and layout artists through a Qualifying Examination and Interview which shall be held every 2nd month of the academic school year.

Bonafide undergraduate students aspiring no position in the student bodies and Sangguniang Mag-aaral ng Lorma are eligible to join. Application forms are available at our Office.


You can find us at the 3rd floor, Old Computer Building, Carlatan Campus.


Click on the images below to get LH’s Big Picture (literally!)


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