The Lorma Colleges school emblem is represented by a large backdrop of the letters L and C which connotes the school’s name. Defining the circumspect of the letter C are the institution’s core values of Leadership, Knowledge, Skills and Christian Values.

These are the principles which guide the college to move forward in its goals to achieve excellence in education, professional competence, leadership in the industry and maintain a strong sense of spirituality.

The Caduceus found at the center of the emblem is seen as a staff being intertwined by two serpents indicating the importance of the paramedical professions that Lorma Colleges has begun with.

The College of Nursing is represented by Florence Nightingale’s lamp, a symbol of  selfless devotion to the duty of caring for patients and the people in the community.

Enscombing the caduceus are two laurel leaves which portray the role of Teaching and Education as an important key to molding outstanding Lormanians in the society and to the rest of the world.

The eight parallel orbits surrounding the logo suggests the growth and development of the school in the advent of the computer age and information technology, thus the influence of the College of Computer Studies and Engineering as well as the LC  Science and Technology Institute.


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