Bachelor in Secondary Education

The Bachelor of Secondary Education meets the purpose of making the teacher education responsive to the demands of a rapidly changing society and the challenges of global competitiveness.

Lorma provides our student teachers a dynamic avenue to acquire excellent communication skills and pedagogical understanding of the teaching profession. The college equips our students with these proficiencies to help them develop a professional identity and strengthen the fundamental competences initially acquired. Our majors cater to the growing demand for competent Science, Math, and Computer teachers in the country.

This teacher education curriculum will include a body of knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and experience that will provide prospective teachers with the necessary competencies essential to effective teaching. In effect, this course will prepare the future teachers in assuming multidisciplinary roles in a dynamic society.

The College of Arts and Sciences provides an intensive training through in-school seminars, symposiums, conferences and affiliation with the Philippine Association for Teacher Education (PAFTE) for regional and national seminars.

Apart from these, students are given the chance to  successfully perform their best in their internship and thus be given  incentives and award as the Most Outstanding Student Teacher during the in- and off-campus internship.


Major in


•             Computer Education

•             Biology-Chemistry

•             Applied Chemistry

•             Physics-Chemistry

•             Math-Physics



•             Respond to the varying types of learners in varied learning environments.

•             Develop interests and skills in the preparation of innovative and progressive instructional materials.

•             Develop higher order thinking skills among teachers and learners.

•             Prepare the teachers for life long learning and teaching.


•             Champion in the 3rd Education Quiz Bee at UNP, Vigan, Ilocos Sur in January  2004

•             Attendance of students to Regional and National Meetings



•             Philippine Association for Teacher Education

•             Philippine Association for Teacher Education Foundation (PATEF)


•             Association of Student – Teachers Education in Region I (ASTER I)


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