Student Services Programs


Lorma Colleges Student Services Programs are designed to carry out the vision and mission of the school through its varied activities geared for the cognitive, affective and psychomotor skill development of the students.

It has the following services and objectives:

  • Student Development

a)      Provide leadership to student leaders and members with emphasis on positive leadership in support to the vision and mission of the school.

b)      Produce responsible and disciplined students in the campus.

  • Student Activities

a)      Accredit qualified student organizations that comply with the  requirements for recognition.

b)      Train student leaders on financial management.

  • Student Assistance

a)      Provide financial assistance to poor and deserving working students.

b)      Provide the other support services that contribute to the development of  the students (auxiliary services).

  • Guidance and Counseling Programs and Services

a)      Conduct written examination and interview to students to know their strengths, weaknesses and interests.

b)      Sponsor leadership and followership skills development training program.

c)       Help students in their academic studies and other related problems

d)      Develop and train students in the world of work.

  • Campus Ministry

a)      Train the students about the activities of the Campus Ministry both in the  campus and the barangays.

b)      Sponsor activities that will be handled by the students as part of their Christian development and training.

  • Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Programs

a)      Organize the College Student Council and the student body organizations  and the various club organizations in the campus.

b)      Conduct leadership training for all student leaders with emphasis on qualities and values of a true leader; planning, programming and effective communication and parliamentary procedures.

c)       Sponsor various activities and competitions to discover and develop talents of the students through guided coaching.

d)      Expose the student leaders to compliment their academic studies through leadership experiences with other student leaders.

e)      Develop in the student leaders the spirit of “volunteerism” to do services  for others.

  • Student Publications

a)      Select and train the school publication staffers on the art of journalistic writing.


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