The International School Logo

Guided by the four core values of the Lorma Colleges, the Lorma International School beams its most triumphant symbol of academic excellence through the four colors in the IS logo – Gold (Knowledge), Orange (Skills), White (Christian Values) and Blue (Leadership).

THE SHIELD represents the universal icon of defense, strength and discipline, traits which exemplifies the spirit of a true Lormanian.

THE WREATH of laurel leaves which delineates the shield on both sides embodies the innate academic confidence and wisdom of the Lorma I.S. students in meeting the challenges of 21st century education.

THE RIBBON placed across the emblem illustrates the guiding principles of Lorma towards inclulcating value laden and Christian philosphy in students’ learning.

THE FLAMING TORCH illustrates the motivational drive of Lorma International students in continuing a remarkable tradition of global competence and ingenuity in various fields of scholastic accomplishments.



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