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Fast forward to an innovation which brings Lormanians into an accomplished reading culture, the Lorma Multimedia Library provides the perfect tools to 21st century education and the most exceptional way of spending those extra hours in campus.

Read: Apple ipad + Discovery Channel Documentaries + movie/music overload

Lorma Colleges Library envisions a dynamic center for excellent information resources for the paramedical, nonparamedical courses, secondary and elementary education. It commits to develop the total person to be competitive and active community leader vital to national development.

Lorma Colleges Library shares and provides quality support and information needs through expanded services using books and modern technology for the access and retrieval of information needed by the library clientele.


•             Reserved Section – mainly houses books that are selected and designated by faculty members as required reading materials for their subjects. These books are used in the reading room on hourly basis or for photocopying.

•             Reference Section – The collection contains extensive reference research materials consisting of encyclopedia, dictionaries, yearbooks, handbooks, almanacs, atlas and other covering general specific fields

•             Periodicals Section – The periodical collection includes titles of both local and foreign journals, magazines and dailies in current issues and open shelves for magazines and periodicals. The display shelves for current issues and open shelves for magazines and periodicals. The use of periodicals are confined to reading room use only.

•             Special Collection – CD-ROM for various subjects is available e.g. Encarta, Grolier Encyclopedia, Algebra, Biology, Geometry, Chemistry, Calculus 1 & 2, among others. The library staff may be consulted to avail of the special collection.

•             Printing – Printing is available at the Main Internet Room, adjacent to the College Library. Printing cards can be purchased at the College Business Office.

•           DVD/CD writing – Copying and writing of photos, music and video files are done at a minimal expense through this library service.



•             Internet Services – unlimited access to the worldwide web using the library’s internet services. With over a 100 LCD and desktop units available plus soon to offer Apple i-pad browsing services, Lormanians definitely puts internet exploration at a maximum level.


•             Multimedia Reference Tools – a wealth of information provided by the US content browsing capability inside the campus includes EBSCO research tools, Hulu (movie and TV series), Kindle (e- books and magazines), Netflix (film collections) and many other digital references.

•             Campus Movie Theater – With a tie up between Lorma Colleges and the nation’s leading telecommunications provider PLDT, the campus movie theater boasts of a dedicated 3.5 mbps to showcase films, documentaries and video presentations on a wide LED screen format (53”).


Located at the 2nd floor of the Computer Building, the Lorma Multimedia Library is open from 7am to 7pm from Mondays to Saturdays.







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